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This page highlights the projects Logic BMS currently working on.

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farmOS is a Drupal distribution for agricultural management and record keeping. It includes modules and configuration for managing areas, plantings, animals, equipment, soil tests, sensors, and various record keeping log types. It can also be extended via add-on modules. farmOS is currently under active development.


ERPAL is a centralized and web-based business management distribution for service providers. It enables you to manage business processes with ONE smart toolbox that includes all the features you need to manage your business out of the box.

Project Overview

Logistics ETS

Making life easier for those who work in the fright and shipping business. 

Logic TMS

Logic-TMS is a flexible web-based framework powered by Drupal and configured to provide an all in one solution for logistics and transportation management.

Mosquitto MQTT

Get all the support you need to integrate MQTT into your next IoT project.

What is MQTT?


Support and Customization for all your Node-Red projects.

What is Node-Red?

Natalynn's Foundation

Soon we will be making the OFFICIAL LAUNCH of Natalynn's Foundation at