Our mission

We are passionate about success! We want our friends and clients to have the latest and greatest tools available for business software and web development. We spend countless hours testing, developing, and configuring the latest open source apps and modules to make sure they will work for our clients when managed in our hosting environment. We work with the Drupal community to bring you the latest web based framework that bring new ideas to life. All while maintaining common design standards and principles, with the utmost attention to security and efficient manageability.

Brilliantly Simple

User friendly interface with managed support and Plesk Onyx control panel for developers. 100's of click to install apps including Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Plus many many more...

Research, Testing, & Development

Our team of expert developers, designers, and system administrators test and optimize all the products we offer to make sure they will work for our clients right out of the box. Saving months of development time and headache.

Optimized CMS Hosting

Cloud Hosting optimized & tested for Drupal and other CMS / PHP web frameworks.

Comfortable & Flexible

We strive to provide and host products that work across all browsers and all devices. Make sure your site users can view your content in an optimized way that works best with their device.

Recent News

21 March 2017

Security Suite by Logic BMS is a distribution bundle of security modules that have been configured and tested to work on our Logic BMS cloud server. After months of research and development, our team has concluded that Brute Force Attacks and Spam Bots can be mitigated by using the Security Suite Distribution on any Drupal 7 site. Spammers and Hackers are Blocked or Jailed for a period of time when offensive or malicious behavior is detected. Offending IP addresses are stored and cross-referenced to public IP databases were known offenders are made public. If an IP address... Read more

Our Amazing Team

Meet our excellent team of dedicated professionals.

Troy Miller

We are working harder than ever to bring our partners, friends and clients the best features in software and web development. Please check back often to see our latest projects and developments.

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