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About Logic BMS

 We offer Fully Integrated Business Management Solutions that Bring Ideas to Life!

Located in beautiful Southern Oregon, we are a youthful team of developers and entrepreneurs passionate about technology and all things Drupal.  Logic BMS was started by Troy Miller in January 2017 with the goal of providing a stable, predictable and manageable development environment to enable testing and development of advanced CMS products and configurations, and make integration with IoT projects as simple as possible.  As a company, we strive to produce a stable and secure development environment optimized for PHP and CMS development.  We develop business software applications and provide hosting services tailor-made for our pre-bundled Drupal distributions and custom configurations. We test all the products we recommend and offer on our site.  In many cases the sites we install come pre-configured for the purpose intended and have sample content already published. Sample content can be deleted or overwritten with your own content.

We offer Plesk Onyx for developers and can help you get set up to host your clients on our server. We have all the latest and greatest PHP apps ready to install and the simple UI to make your life easy. With 100's of click to install apps ready to go, setting up new sites will be a breeze.  You are welcome to use any of our pre-bundled pre-tested Drupal distributions that you know will work out of the box with minimal setup and configuration.

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