Hi I am Troy Miller and this is were you sign up for my "Personal Private" blog were I write about my experiences in life.
With all my adventures of being a Business Owner, Martial Arts Instructor, MMA fighter, Father, Child Abuse Activist, Fisherman, Resort Cook & Almost Manager, and of course Rodeo Cowboy.

I will reveal my personal insights & ideas about our upcoming projects and developments regarding Natalynn's Foundation and the history behind it. Some of the proceeds from my blog will go to help some of Natalynn's family members that have been affected by the loss of Natalynn and the events that followed.

The proceeds raised from my private blog memberships and other revenues generated by this site will go to help fund the launching of Logic BMS and the project goals we have set including the much anticipated Natalynn's Foundation.  There is still a lot of planning and organizing that needs to be done before we can really get NatalynnsWish.org officially of the ground. We still need funding to file our 501C3 and fees for other process that need to be complete before everything becomes official. Not to mention all the costs of development and server fees, etc etc. and did I mention how thin we have been spread lately? lol  Its been a challenging year but I know in my heart the rewards will be worth it once its all said and done.

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Troy Miller

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