Security Suite Distribution

Security Suite Distribution is a set of modules pre-tested to work for blocking spammers, hackers, and Unfriendly Bots from causing problems with your site. All Logic BMS hosted sites come pre-configured with the Security Suite Distribution installed and ready to go out of the box.


Security Suite Distribution Is Here!

21 March 2017

Security Suite by Logic BMS is a distribution bundle of security modules that have been configured and tested to work on our Logic BMS cloud server. After months of research and development, our team has concluded that Brute Force Attacks and Spam Bots can be mitigated by using the Security Suite Distribution on any Drupal 7 site. Spammers and Hackers are Blocked or Jailed for a period of time when offensive or malicious behavior is detected. Offending IP addresses are stored and cross-referenced to public IP databases were known offenders are made public.

Commerce Kickstart

Commerce Kickstart is the quickest way to get up and running with Drupal Commerce. It includes the latest versions of Drupal core, Drupal Commerce, and the other modules it depends on. It also gives you a set of options to create a fully-featured demo store out of the box complete with an attractive theme, catalog and search configuration, and a custom back office interface.

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