Security Suite by Logic BMS is a distribution bundle of security modules that have been configured and tested to work on our Logic BMS cloud server. After months of research and development, our team has concluded that Brute Force Attacks and Spam Bots can be mitigated by using the Security Suite Distribution on any Drupal 7 site. Spammers and Hackers are Blocked or Jailed for a period of time when offensive or malicious behavior is detected. Offending IP addresses are stored and cross-referenced to public IP databases were known offenders are made public. If an IP address... Read more

If you run a resort or travel destination you might be interested in our fully integrated Resort Management Solutions (RMS). We started researching and developing RMS in February of 2016. Things went well and we were able to launch our first prototype in December 2016. With the arrival of spring fast approaching we are excited to announce the official launch of our RMS product. RMS goes beyond the normal accommodations online booking system to offer a full range of tools and functions to help streamline the management of your accommodations and resources, and engage your site users with... Read more

Hello Everyone!

It's me Troy Miller, I am officially launching my new start up company Logic BMS! As many people know I have been passionate about Web and Software Development since I got my first certificate in Computer Business back in 1991. I can still remember the first projects I worked on using programs like Pagemaker and Frontpage. lol A lot of things have changed since then and the roles of web based software and the complexities of developing and... Read more